Supporting a future where all women and girls can fulfill their potential.


Stardust Fund is a philanthropic vehicle dedicated to removing barriers and accelerating the participation and power of women and girls. We support movements, bridge gaps, and strengthen ecosystems.

Aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goal targets, we examine where we can add the most value in unraveling the dense systemic issues that prevent women and girls from fulfilling their potential, then tailor our approach to fit the need, partnering with other organizations whenever we can to catalyze sustainable impact.

Identifying the Gaps

Philanthropy has not used its full leverage to ensure the safety, freedom, and economic and political participation and power for women and girls. We want to play our role in accelerating progress on these issues:

We work to reduce
gender-based violence.


In the US, all-women founding teams raised just 2.2% of total venture capital funding ($) in 2017.

source: New York Times


We work to address the vulnerabilities that lead to human trafficking.

We work to improve equity in the workplace.

We work to advance representation in governance.

Our Approach & Strategy

We use grants and non-financial leverage to support movements, bridge gaps, and strengthen ecosystems. We maintain a long-term view, but recognize and solve for immediate needs of those most impacted by an issue. In addition to actively aligning our investment portfolio with our mission, our agile means of financial support typically takes two forms:

Collaborative Funding

We believe that we are most effective when working together—pooling resources, networks, and expertise. Collaborative funding structures are well-suited to address complex issues by providing appropriately-scaled support and leveraging the resources of a diverse array of partners. These funding models are ideal for our intentionally lean structure, enabling us to ensure our resources are allocated to those on the ground, guided by those with experience and infrastructure in the field.

Gap Funding

By taking what we have learned about the holistic system surrounding the issue through our collaborative funding efforts, we are uniquely positioned in certain areas to accelerate the work. We focus on the gaps inherent to the systemic issue and foster collaborative efforts within the space to catalyze change. Our focus on gaps extends to the field of philanthropy itself: we prioritize areas that traditional funders have overlooked, and that are not suited to investment capital.

Doing & Dreaming

Our space to document and build on our collective dreams and actions.


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