Investing in a future where all women and girls can fulfill their potential.


Stardust Equity is a mission-oriented investment fund putting capital to work for competitive returns and positive social and environmental impact.

We partner with fund managers and entrepreneurs who intentionally seek commercial, sustainable solutions to some of our world’s greatest challenges.

Identifying the Gaps

We want to disrupt the financial world to serve as a vehicle for large-scale change and challenge the patterns and structures of power that have historically been disadvantageous to women. Our gender-focused investment approach prioritizes three main gap areas that have historically been ignored by the financial sector.

We work to increase access to capital for women managers and entrepreneurs.


In the US, all-women founding teams raised just 2.2% of total venture capital funding ($) in 2017.

source: New York Times


We work to accelerate workplace equity.

We support products, services, and solutions that benefit women and girls.

Our Approach & Strategy

Our integrated investment approach leverages our influence as an investor in two ways:


We allocate capital to private markets fund managers that are pushing the envelope on socially and/or environmentally conscious investing. These managers are pursuing a “no-trade offs” investment strategy and utilizing comprehensive impact assessment tools. Furthermore, they have aligned with Stardust in its mission to proactively tackle some of the most pervasive gender gaps that exist today.


We selectively back high-growth companies that are deliberately trying to make a difference in the lives of women and girls. These mission-driven companies work to ensure that women and girls have access to the tools and resources they need to achieve their potential.

Doing & Dreaming

Our space to document and build on our collective dreams and actions.


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